Friday, September 4, 2015

Koh Lipe vs Koh Samui

You know, "" the accommodation booking web has always mailed and said "Eyane, your summer is finally here". Nah, we have all summer days in Malaysia. Summer to me marks April to July, which is also -- beach time!

Okay I know this has been kept for too long for sharing.

I visited Koh Samui, Thailand in 2013 and Koh Lipe, in Thailand a.k.a little Maldive (as what people said) in 2014 with my family. They are both incredible beautiful islands but with different excitement you could have. 

1. Size, environment and transport
Firstly, Koh Samui is like the size of a city with 3 main attractions, Bophut, Chaweng and Lamai. With the size of a town, you could travel around the island with scooter or motorbike rented. People in Samui just ride as they like without helmet. I could say, when in Samui, do as the Samui-ans do. Enjoy the breeze brushing through your cheeks, and hair. *This is just Superb :)* However, for longer journey, it is advisable to go with tut-tut instead. 

On the other hand, Koh Lipe is a small island. You could save transportation fees a lot as shops and restaurants are within walking distance, which is very convenient. Lipe is still a new developed island, thus the sea water is turquoise blue and crystal clear. No joke. You could see the rocks in the sea clearly. This part, the sea, is definitely more beautiful than Samui's. We travel a lot on long tail boat and speedboat for sea sports in Lipe.    
I have never seen any sea water like Lipe before, really.
Long tail Boat, Lipe :)

2. Accommodation 
You could simply spot motel or hotel in Samui, lots of choices, even local might not know all of them. Well, I stayed in Akwa hotel, Chaweng beach. I still recommend to stay in Chaweng as it's a happening paradise, from day to night and vise versa. I love the ambiance of the motel, and it is stated in the centre of the town. To me, accommodation is only a part of the journey, and the purpose of travelling, is more than picking good bed. It is to explore the new place.
Directory from Akwa :)
Breakfast at Akwa, Chaweng :)

For Lipe, you will be amazed by the hotel built there. They are all quite luxurious. And best part of all, they are all built along the beach. The sand, the beach, the crystal clear water is just a few steps from your doorstep.
Hotel with private pool, Lipe :)
View from Hotel, Lipe :)

3. Food & Night life
Awh I miss the food in Samui! From Akwa, just walk along the street for food. You must try the roasted pork, with the crispy oily skin, and it is ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT along the street stepping out from the motel. A few restaurants are selling this and you just have to turn back to them when u passed by. Well, don't waste money buying fruit juice or water as you have better choice like beer and cocktails which is just around 40B - 60B (RM4-6.00). Singa beer is good, I like it better than Chang beer.

Night market is next station after dinner. It's also states in Chaweng. And I love the night market here. Did you see that? "Save Water, Drink Cocktail". This little stall selling cocktail in night market. Lots of Angmos were sitting besides with these in their hands. This is a must try too.
Cocktail, night market, Chaweng :)

Other than this, Fisherman Village in Bophut is another fabulous place to dine. It's a few mins ride from Chaweng, another food heaven. Majority of restaurants there are western, and they are built along the beach. Enjoy the sunset when ordering your food! I tried pizza at Le Gabanon, a theme restaurant with menu on an old CD Disc. Do spend some time to the Siamese-Buddhist temple there too.
Pizza @ Le Gabanon, Fisherman Village, Bophut
Not forgetting bar and clubs. Chaweng is a sleepless city. At first I thought "Green Mango" is a famous bar/club in Chaweng, as whoever u asked, they know where it is located. It turned out surprisingly that the bar and clubs are all built in one street. You have everything you want along the street. Bar-->Clubs-->Strip Club. Well, just forget about the strip club. DONT even think about going in there. haha you will regret.

Now saying about Lipe, Lipe is not as happening as Samui at this point. Lipe is very peaceful instead, it's meant for honeymoon, going with your loved one, walking on the beach, listening to the sea breeze, and counting stars. Lipe has all restaurant, bar, convenient stores in "The Walking Street". And many shops will not operate during low season in July August.

However, you must try the seafood there in a shop named, Progress Restaurant in the walking street. They served good BBQ crabs, king prawns and Tom Yum Kung. Crabs are about RM70 per kg (about 3 crabs), a bit pricy though, but they are GOODDDD!!

Super Prawn King

BBQ Crabs *Yum Yum*
Tom Yum!! My favourite :)
5. Activities you must try
Finally, there are many activities you can do in Samui. You should go Koh Nang Yuan if going for Snorkeling. It is a private island thus sea water is kept clean. But sea water in Lipe is still better comparatively.

In Koh Nang Yuan there is one interesting activity you must do. Climbing up rocks and staircases to the peak of the small mountain and you could see everything under your feet. The whole island. You know, I am adventurous, but I was scared like hell on the top as there is no safety precautions like safety gate at the peak. Perhaps I am scared of being blown away by the strong wind up there. Well, i have no regret putting my feet up there. The view is fabulous.
Peak of Koh Nang Yuan :) Okay la, camera 2 years back is not advance XD
Other than snorkeling, you should go for elephant riding too in Samui. It is mean thinking of how they trained the elephants to let you ride on them. But, it is a good experience. There will be an elephant trainer going to the jungle with you riding on the elephant. Each of the elephant has name. You will see how funny these animals are. They will just eat, and pee and poop while walking, and drink, and splash you with the river water. It is a trend in Samui to give the trainer tips for they will take a lot of pictures for you with the mammal along the journey. 

Elephant and us:)

You could also go for waterfall and go carting at the same jungle of the elephant riding in Samui. There are a lot of Angmos in Samui, with majorities of white people from France, Italy, Paris etc.One more interesting thing to visit in Samui is the Grandpa- Grandma Rocks aka Hin Ta Hin Yai in Lamai Beach. A penis-looked rock. You could try fish spa and massage if you have extra time. :) 
Hin Ta Hin Yai, Lamai
Talking about Lipe, it is really a good place for honeymoon which is also suitable for me to go with family. You know la, they don't club or pub. *Evil Grin* Main activities in Lipe is Snorkeling, sunbathing, massage and most of all, relaxing :) It is soothing listening to sea water splashing on the sand, lying your lazy body on the chair provided by hotel along the beach. Massage here is standard price of 300B (RM30) per hour :) 

Jumping shot with Fam during snorkeling session, Lipe:)
I will continue travelling to an island each year from now on :)
It depends on your choice really. I love both islands and would go for both again definitely. After working, Lipe is so much of my needs now. But on other times, I will go for Samui to know that I am still living young.

Bali tour in 2015 will *soon* be shared.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bukit Tinggi

I have always heard people saying about Bukit Tinggi, the French Village, which stated somewhere in Pahang. Well I am not a geography person, but that does not matter. And beware, Bukit Tinggi is not Fraser Hills. They are absolutely two different places :)

The place is simple. Entrance free. Parking free. Weather breezy but hot when the sun rises. Size uhm not even a size of a small town. Regardless of these, you will be amazed by the structure of this place.

I love bricks. Classic. Simple. Nice. 

Yes, the entrance is like the entrance of a palace, with a bridge connecting to it.
Okay. I know exactly this pose is funny. haha

I was like a kid. Keep nagging to take picture with this blue wall just because of the colour, the matching with the white wooden window, and the whole greenery besides although it's just one pot. lol. I swear I will make this kind of window to my coffee shop if I own it one day. Someday.

You can easily spot this window on the right after the entrance. 

 Take two. Still don't feel like leaving. XD

This is the back yard with more greens. The purple leaves are everywhere literally and it is more chilling there at the back yard. A nice place for photography too. But. Feel free to put on mosquito repellent if you plan to stay there for a while. No joke.

Okay. I know it's all about my ss photos here. But did you see the bricks. Bricks. Bricks. Awh Bricks! 

 Again. Bricks. And cant-think-of-what-pose face XD

 And me. Again. SS. I know. 

And.. The hand of my photographer :) I have one great photographer didn't I? 

And finally, the Japanese village. The sun has gone too high up the sky. So jacket off. Just ignore the scarf. I was trying to pretend to be a Japenese wearing kimono. haha. There is shop providing kimono too that you rent one to take photography in the yard. Around RM20 for one. But I didn't try it as I wanna try the real one in the origin place of it. Again. One day. I will be there.

That's it. Bukit Tinggi. A place with nice walls bricks buildings smaller than a town and we waved goodbye spending less than 3 hours there. haha. You should go, if you are a fanatic of building and structure and so what photography.

Chilla. T.G.I.F.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Once in a lifetime

We were required to take a seat accordingly before stepping onto the stage. One batch down, and you knew you were waiting for your turn. The environment on that spot was pumping in something. Something which drove the adrenaline go faster than you could manage. "Yes, it's my day," I told myself.

Yes. It was my day. A day you were like a superstar.

Family and close friends were there for my graduation ceremony, not forgetting to mention, it was the day which I had received the most bouquet of flowers in my life, in my 23rd years of living. As I said, getting graduating is like getting married. Lots to prepare before the day, such as getting the academic huge purple robe, booking for family photoshooting, plus testing which formal wear that suits the robe. Ah, choosing clothing was the part I hated the most. Tried on this and that with the robe on and off, walking in front of the mirror for thousand times to get it done. Man, it's hot trying out clothing.

But I know, because I care. That's why I get nervous.

I was reaching kinda just on time before entering the hall after registering myself at the counter. The first thing after entering the hall I did was searching for my granny and papa who had gotten the two precious tickets to be seated in the hall for the moment. Dad was no-where to be seen,  but I managed to spot my grandma on the first row of guest seats. She was wearing cheongsam, even more gorgeous than anyone here in the hall I am sure. I was happy like a kid after manage to see her around.

We stood up when dean of our faculty got herself ready on the stage. My palms were sweating. I was very nervous. Very very and I just could not control it. Never thought that convocation would be like this. I have waited for long too, for this to come, even though I was not, and I am not prepared to face the real world yet. Our names were called one by one to get the 'reward' from the pro-chancellor.

Again I told myself, Yan you are great, smile when it's your turn.

I know it would be kind of weird talking to my own self like that but that was the only way to calm myself down a bit at that moment. We got our names checked on the computer screen before stepping on the stage. When my name was announced, I walked confidently towards the guy who was giving out the scroll at the middle of the stage. Cameras were everywhere to capture the moment. After getting the scroll, I smiled and walked to my seat as if I got myself lottery rewards.

Mom, I have made it.

Tears of happiness almost came out uncontrolled. I know, I know they will be proud of me I know she will be proud of me too for sure. I took plenty of pictures with my family and friends, and ran here and there to seek for friends for photography for the final times, before leaving this place where everyone will be reaching for their own goals after this.  

That was it. The convo. Once in a lifetime.

A path that seems to have destined. The life I am living now. Never have wanted the working life to come that fast, but I could not wait any longer, to accomplish my dream. And the only way to reach it, is to start now. Start building foundation, start allocate funds, start my new journey of life.


Sunday, November 18, 2012



牛屎!(as in bullshit的意思)我钱多啊?呵呵。换得了的,也没几样。记忆和心若因为分手就要更换,那这意味着逃避,而你并没有从中成长学习。


如果说分手是感情结束, 那么它也意味着新的生活等待着你。另一种生活在为你打开那扇门。阿嫲在我跟她坦白的时候,安慰我说,“哭什么,你又不是没人要” 。当时的我掉泪,是因为我觉得我辜负了阿嫲,不想因为自己“没有男朋友”而让阿嫲觉得她又需要扛起那份责任照顾我。分手,反而让我看到身边一直陪伴的影子,一班对你好的朋友;还有对你永远不离不弃的家人,特别是我的阿嫲。大姐更不用说,她那个人永远比我想象中成熟,永远会撑着我。







Monday, September 24, 2012

This is me。



This is me。